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Sulphur Fire Department Friday, 14 December 2012 08:03 SULPHUR FIRE DEPARTMENT Class 2 PIAL rating for the past 11 Years. (Property Insurance Association of Louisiana) This could not have been achieved without the Strong Dedication and Effort of every member of the Sulphur Fire Department The Department keeps its Class 2 rating, by maintaining the required training hours, we continue with annual testing of all equipment (fire pumps, fire hose, ladders, etc.), yearly Inspections, Preplans and Semi-annual testing of all fire hydrants in the City.

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The objective of this organization is the joining together of fire fighting, law enforcement, rescue, and first aid manpower and facilities among Southwest Louisiana industries, and municipalities for mutual assistance in case of emergency situations - either natural, or man-made.

The Southwest Louisiana Mutual Aid Association’s (SLMA) membership continues to grow, encompassing the majority of the emergency response agencies of Southwest Louisiana.  SLMA has mutual aid agreements with other mutual aid organization both in Texas and Louisiana.

Please feel free to browse the web site to learn more of the organization. Membership listing and application are available as well.

Inspection Schedule

As stated in our by-laws, each member is subject to an inspection of the assets that are available for request by the mutual aid members.  This year we have appointed a new "Inspector General", Tammy Bellard will assume the duties of inspection form Jerry Merchant.  Tammy was appointed, as we like to refer to, the "Inspector General" of the membership assets committee.  Tammy's duties are to review the membership information and review and inspect the equipment that is available for request.  Tammy also serves as an ambassador to the Southwest Louisiana Mutual Aid Organization.

Tammy makes her list by location and attempts to inspect as many as she can in one location to best utilize her time.

Tammy will contact you in advance and set a time for inspection.

Read more: Inspection Schedule


Meeting Schedule

meeting.gifThe Association's monthly meetings are held every second Wednesday of the month at 11:00 a.m., typically in the Managan Center located at at the corner of Mckinley and Sampson in Westlake.  Meetings are open to members and guest of members only.


Read more: Meeting Schedule


Monthly Emergency Responses 2015

Total Events
# of Apparatus
 23 130
 16 108 
21 165
20   122
 17  116
 7  40


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